How did you get into cutting hair?
“Back in 7th grade, my intuition just told me I had to do it.”

What do you love most about being a barber?
“The freedom and responsibilities.”

What do you love most about /Paradox/?
"The people."

What's your favorite hairstyle to cut right now?
“Any mid/long length & some type of taper/fade with sharp lines.”

What's the soundtrack to your life?
“My soundtrack is always changing but if I can recommend a book that’s played a role in my life it would be: The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.”

What's the best music to cut to?
"DEEP CUTS by /Paradox/"

Describe your personal style? 
“Overall basic & simple but with some type of elevated piece.”

What’s your go-to food spot in the city?
"Chicken Meets Rice."

If you weren't a barber, what would your profession be?
"Probably a tattoo artist."

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/Paradox/ Midtown 1409 W San Carlos St 2nd floor, San Jose, CA 95126