How did you get into cutting hair?
“Friend in middle school. Long story. Book an appointment to find out more :)”

What do you love most about being a barber?
Boosting people’s well-being. Elevating individuals’ sense of contentment. Aiding in self empowerment. Making people feel their best.

What do you love most about /Paradox/?
"The family part."

What's your favorite hairstyle to cut right now?
Disconnected brush backs and/or #2 all around no line up.
What's the soundtrack to your life?
Space Jam (1996).

What's the best music to cut to?
"Almost any music. Depends on the day."

Describe your personal style? 

What’s your go-to food spot in the city?
"In-N-Out Burger."

If you weren't a barber, what would your profession be?

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/Paradox/ Japantown 161 Jackson St # 1, San Jose, CA 95112