How did you get into cutting hair?
"Just like many, I found solace in the art form of cutting / sculpting hair at a young age. Moving to a new city at 14, it gave me an escape and a way to reach more people in my community."

What do you love most about being a barber?
"Outside of the hair and genuinely being interested in the art form, the connections I’ve made over the years has made me realize that whatever you desire or want to bring to fruition isn’t as hard to reach if you put your mind to it. Barbering has taught me that."

What do you love most about /Paradox/?
"The brotherhood and bond we’ve built throughout the years, the structure, and the collective goal of becoming better humans. As well as the opportunities to grow the brand gives out. 'Close mouths don’t get fed.'"

What's your favorite hairstyle to cut right now?
"I can’t say there’s just one hairstyle that I like cutting right now, I think my favorite thing to do at the moment is take in what my clients say during a consultation, see their style, and why they want to achieve, and giving them realistic results with my own twist. Essentially just elevating their style in a way where they can maintain that look themselves."

What's the soundtrack to your life?
"Dr. Dog - Heart it races - Cover version."

What's the best music to cut to?
"Indie / hip hop / rock."

Describe your personal style? 

What’s your go-to food spot in the city?
"Santo Market / Taco stands."

If you weren't a barber, what would your profession be?
"Something with my hands, maybe at your local garden, maybe I’d go off grid and build a cabin or build skate parks, maybe I’d be a bed tester. Either way, i literally can’t imagine what would my life would be without hair."

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