How did you get into cutting hair?
"Went to Supercuts before high school graduation and got my hair butchered. Then a buddy and I started cutting each others hair."

What do you love most about being a barber?
"There’s so much to cutting hair that I love. The people I have in my chair, the freedom it gives me, and the ability to work hard towards improving every day."
What do you love most about /Paradox/?
"The culture for sure. From the team we’ve built to the clientele that makes up the shop. It’s never a dull day being surrounded by good people and good friends alike."

What's your favorite hairstyle to cut right now?
"Mid to longer length styles such as brushbacks, quiffs and combovers."


What's the soundtrack to your life?
"That’s a tough one, I think there’s too many to choose haha."

What's the best music to cut to?
"Depending on the time of day it ranges, something slower in the morning like Cookin Soul and something faster as the day goes on."

Describe your personal style? 
I’d say it’s a mix of everything that I’m into. Running, climbing, cutting hair, and streetwear. Being comfy.”

What’s your go-to food spot in the city?
"Hansang Tofu."

If you weren't a barber, what would your profession be?
I’m not 100% but I’d love to do something that would involve interacting with and helping others."

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